Group Manager - Toolchains, Simulations and Infrastructure

Let's talk challenges, autonomous solutions, cutting edge technology, possibilities and development. The development of products and the development of you!
At Volvo Group Trucks Technology and in Vehicle Automation we are developing not only trucks, but complete autonomous transport solutions. And in the Technology Area Verification and Validation it is our task to secure it. We are divided into three groups; System Verification and Validation, Concept Vehicles and where we need you: Toolchains, Simulations and Infrastructure. Maybe your first task is to come up with a better name?
To secure success the group, with you at the helm, will develop the verification and validation tools needed. With Volvo GTT being at the forefront not all solutions exist, we expect you to lead the journey to find, improve or invent them. Your future group consists of Agile Teams acting as Shared Services for two or three Agile Release Trains. At the moment there are three teams: Data Management, System Integration and Simulation Environment. But as we grow, part of your job is to create more teams where needed and later on see when and how the group needs to be split.
Questions that might come up are:
  • How do we store and handle the vast amount of data? And even more importantly, how do we use it?
  • How to create efficient CI/CD-chains, and how do we connect them?
  • How to create, validate and continuously improve the models of the Egovehicle and the surrounding world to make accurate simulations?
  • How can we have even more fun whilst performing?
There is no straight road laid out for you. We need to take initiative, invent and adapt along the way. And with support from us, you will have to step out into the unknown and come back with solutions.
You will need extensive knowledge in the fields of verification toolchains, of data management and of simulation environments.
You will need to have the Agile mindset in your backbone but still be pragmatic about it, don't expect textbook ways of working here.
Last but not least you need to have a track-record of initiative-taking, ground-breaking and culture-setting leadership from projects and organizations.
This is a unique chance to do something more, something extraordinary. To work hard, but to come out on the other side with a world unique experience, having developed cutting edge technology and be ready for the next challenge at Volvo Group where possibilities are endless.
Continuous interviewing will be happening, take the leap and apply today!
Magnus Liljeqvist, acting Global Technology Manager V&V Vehicle Automation, +46 31 3221361

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